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If you want to understand a person, look at how they grew up. You are the sum of five people you spend your time with, and brothers are basically with whom we spend most of our childhood time.

Henry Cavill often talks extensively about his brothers in many interviews, highlighting their strong bond. Henry is the fourth son among five boys. Colin Cavill, a former stock trader, and Marianne Cavill, a secretary, are the parents of the five boys. They all grew up in Jersey, Channel Islands, which is part of Britain.

Each of the Cavill brothers has pursued different career paths and leads their own separate lives. Now, let’s dive deeper into each of the Henry Cavill brothers and discover where they are in the world.

Piers Cavill

Piers Cavill
Henry Cavill brothers Piers Cavill. Image Source: Demon of Lust – Tumblr

Piers Cavill is Henry Cavill’s older brother. While the Cavill brothers prefer to keep their lives private, we have gathered a few details about this intriguing and close-knit family from Henry’s interviews.

Following their father Colin Cavill’s footsteps, he pursued a military career. Piers Cavill, in particular, served as an ex-tank Commander and ex-Army Officer. Henry holds Piers in high regard, considering him a role model for his younger siblings. After his time in the military, Piers transitioned into the finance and online gambling sectors before becoming the director of Jersey Laser Scanning Ltd.

Niki Cavill

Niki Cavill
Henry Cavill brothers Niki Cavill. Image Source: Dicy Trends

Niki Cavill aka Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill is the second brother among the Cavill siblings. Like Piers Cavill, Niki also sets a remarkable example for his brothers. He serves in the esteemed Royal Marine Corps, specifically in the Queen’s Battalion based in the United Kingdom. Niki currently holds the rank of Major, and his brothers consider him the true Superman of the family. 

Niki takes immense pride in his role as a dedicated soldier and has even been honored with the prestigious title of “Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE),” a highly esteemed distinction for a soldier.

Despite his younger brother’s global fame, Niki chooses to maintain a private life and focus on serving his country. Henry Cavill openly expresses his immense pride in his brother’s accomplishments and has chosen to showcase his admiration on Instagram as well. It is evident that his highly decorated older brothers influence Henry’s own discipline and unwavering dedication to his work.

Simon Cavill

Simon Cavill
Henry Cavill brothers Simon Cavill. Image Source: The Red Carpet

Simon Cavill, the second oldest brother and just above Henry Cavill in the sibling order, remains a bit of a mystery. With limited information available about him online, Simon’s life is relatively private. Besides his involvement in the finance sector, not much else is known about him. 

Henry Cavill has mentioned on several occasions that Simon is considerably taller than himself. Unlike his other brothers, Simon has not made any appearances on the red carpet alongside Henry. Currently, Simon is happily married to his wife, Victor, for eight years and leads a content and private life.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill brothers Henry Cavill. Image Source: El Periodico

Henry Cavill, widely recognized for his iconic portrayals of Superman and Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix series The Witcher, has achieved significant fame in Hollywood. Despite this level of stardom, he remains remarkably down-to-earth. Each interview reflects his charming humility, and every interaction showcases his gentle nature. 

Henry has successfully kept his personal life private, revealing only glimpses to the public. Henry’s enthusiasm shines through whenever asked about his family, demonstrating his deep affection for them. He fondly reminisces about the joy and adventure of growing up among four other brothers, cherishing those shared moments.

Charlie Cavill

Charlie Cavill
Henry Cavill brothers Charlie Cavill. Image Source: IMDb

Charlie, the youngest among the Cavill brothers, followed his siblings’ path into the acting world. He has previous experience as a producer and actor, notably recognized for his involvement in the film Stratton (2017). 

After dedicating 11 years to Hollywood, Charles Cavill made a career shift and ventured into the realm of candle-making alongside his wife, Heather. Together, they established Cavill and Wicks, a company that contributes one dollar to charity for each candle sold. 

Charles is a proud father to four lovely children, consisting of a teenage daughter and four boys. Apart from his entrepreneurial pursuits, he also shares his passion for cocktails by conducting live classes on social media and engaging with his fans.

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Now it becomes clear why Henry Cavill has maintained his down-to-earth nature throughout his career. What’s truly fascinating is that his other brothers have deliberately chosen to avoid the spotlight and have no desire to alter that. They lead highly private lives, each finding success in their own ways. It’s evident that Henry Cavill’s achievements and genuine character can be attributed to the unwavering support of his family.

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